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Nordic Association for American Studies

 Nordic Association for American Studies

The Nordic Association for American Studies is an independent organization with membership open to individuals who live in or have a scholarly connection to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland or Iceland. The Association seeks to encourage and promote the study of the United States and its civilization in the five Nordic countries and to facilitate communication and contact between those interested in such studies. Each national American Studies association has a chairperson, and they collectively make up the Board of the Nordic Association for American Studies. The officers of the Association are elected at the NAAS conference, held every other year.

In additional to the scholarly journal American Studies in Scandinavia, NAAS also produces a Newsletter, edited by Alf Tønnessen of Volda University College, Norway. Back issues of the Newsletter are available on the NAAS website.

The current President of the Nordic Association for American Studies is Mikko Saikku, the McDonnell Douglas Professor of American Studies at Helsinki College for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland

NAAS is one of the member organizations of the European Association for American Studies, a federation of regional and national American Studies associations.

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ASANOR, the Association for American Studies in Norway, was established in 1994 and is a professional, academic organization for people who are actively interested in American Studies.

Further details of the association, its officers, membership and activities may be found on the association website, which also provides links offering access to American Studies programs and teaching at a number of Norwegian universities, colleges and other educational institutions.