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American Studies Center Aarhus

The American Studies Center Aarhus (ASCA) is based at the Department of English, School of Communication and CultureAarhus University, Denmark. The ASCA home page is designed to help advance the study of the United States by facilitating research and teaching in the fields of American history, culture, literature, politics, media and language. The Department of English is also home to the Canadian Studies Center and the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies.

Interdisciplinary in structure and multidisciplinary in approach, ASCA is supported by Aarhus University, the Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences and the Danish School of Journalism. The Center hosts guest lecturers and visiting professors; organizes seminars, conferences and symposia; and contributes to American Studies post-graduate and doctoral education. ASCA also provides its students and staff with a range of American Studies resources. The Department of English, Aarhus University, is home to ASCA's main resources.