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Mitt or Obama

How Political Strategists Look at the 2012 Presidential Election

2012.09.10 | Marianne Bloch Rasmussen

Date Wed 26 Sep
Time 15:00 17:00
Location Auditorium A1, Building 1333 (Statskundskab)

The English Lecture Society and the American Studies Center Aarhus present:

Mitt or Obama?


How Political Strategists Look at the 2012 Presidential Election


Linda Moore Forbes and Ann Stone

Wednesday 26 September

Auditorium A1, Building 1333 (Statskundskab)


The Speakers

Linda Moore Forbes

A native of Texas and graduate of the University of Texas, Linda Moore Forbes is the founder and President of LMF Strategies. Beginning her campaigning career in Texas and Georgia politics during the 1980s, she then worked as Field Director for the Democratic Leadership Council. During his first term, she served first as Office of Political Affairs Special Assistant to President Bill Clinton, next as Deputy Political Director for the Clinton-Gore presidential election campaign in 1996, and then as Deputy Political Director and Deputy Assistant to the President. Thereafter, when not working as Senior Advisor to Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, she worked as Political Director for vice-presidential nominee Senator John Edwards during Senator John Kerry’s 2004 presidential election campaign, and as a member of Hillary Clinton strategic decision-making team during her campaign for the Democratic Party nomination in 2008. Recently she has been a Resident Fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Ann Stone

A graduate of George Washington University, Ann Stone is a leading political activist who has taken part in hundreds of campaigns as everything from precinct worker to campaign manager, and who has been particularly successful as a congressional campaign fund-raiser. Her Stone Group, Inc. is one of the United States’ top direct response marketing firms. She has worked as a political consultant in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Far East, and as a public speaker on a variety of political, business and social topics for many organizations, from the US Department of State via the US Chamber of Commerce to a number of universities. An experienced radio and television broadcaster, she has also been very active in promoting gender issues, co-founding the National Women's History Museum, which is soon to have a new base near The Mall in Washington DC.


This event takes place with the assistance of the American Embassy, Copenhagen


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